About Me, Caveman

My name is Adam McDowell and I’m undertaking a one-month experiment in adding aspects of a paleolithic man’s daily round into my 21st-century urban existence. I want to see how far I can travel in the footsteps of our Stone Age hunter-gatherer ancestors — at least in terms of the way I eat and keep fit — while making a living as a writer for the National Post, a daily Canadian newspaper based in Toronto.

In doing so, I am investigating something of a trend, treading deeper into territory already covered by other journalists. If I’ve caught your interest, I suggest reading my initial post to get oriented.

4 Responses to “About Me, Caveman”

  1. Me welcome you to paleo village. You Adam. Me Gary. Me eat paleo three years, me like. Cook big meat in crock pot, hunt in Provigo. Me follow Adam blog now.


  2. Hi Adam.

    Welcome to this way of life. I have been on it for nearly 3 years, started by own blog (in French) last summer, which I find very hard to reference in La langue de Molière.

    I was born on concrete (Montreal), grew up on concrete and will probably die on concrete, but still manage to find grass fed beef and free range pig at very good prices.

    I hope your journey (or at least this past month) was enlightening and fruitful.


    Sylvie O.

  3. Hey Adam,

    Bet your feeling pretty bloody good now – we paleoed bout 2 years ago (probably 90/10 truth be told) – and when we’re vigilant, we feel balloon-light and invincible…

    You can eat cheaper – get ground meats – can make beautiful minced pork stir frys and run some bolognnaise over spaghetti squash for italian stallion fix…

    Find yourself more creative in the kitchen?

    Keep grunting,

  4. Yay! Glad to have another Canuck giving this a shot. Hope you enjoy and stick with it… I know I haven’t felt this healthy in a long time.

    Happy primal-ing!

    (PS – your initial post link doesn’t seem to be working)

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