Man rediscovers fire

Me not gone! Me just busy.

This is just a quick post to reassure you that I have not given up on the paleo adventure — in fact, I find it easier to continue with, being just days away from being able to eat “normally” again — I have just been juggling a lot of activities. And I’ve been keeping my diet pretty cave-like all the while.

Some notes to chew on while I find the time to expand on them later:

• First, it’s barbecue weather at last in my home in Toronto, which makes eating mostly meat and vegetables more gratifying. Plus, I cook on a charcoal grill, which just makes the food taste authentically cavemanly. Just the smell has a primal appeal to it.

• Second, a friend asked me last week if it’s been hard not to drink alcohol. No: It’s been annoying.

• Third, not to sound like a diet book, but: I’m at the point where just about everyone is commenting on my weight loss. I will get to a scale as soon as I can. Best guess is I’ve lost 10 pounds in three and a half weeks by eating paleo.

• Fourth, I’m running out of time to do some paleo-ish things I planned to do: Walk the 19 kilometres (11.8 miles) from work to home; give blood; switch to all-natural grooming products.

• Fifth, I have to run right now to catch the Blue Jays home opener. Going to a baseball game and not pigging out on beer and hot dogs is going to suck.

4 Responses to “Man rediscovers fire”

  1. bentzurm Says:

    Great blog.
    Don’t worry about the things you haven’t done yet. These are way less important than the nutrition aspect. At this stage you should be growing past “paleo reenactment” and thinking of how to incorporate this into a 21st century life, so that it becomes a lifestyle and not a 30 day fling.
    Good luck.

  2. 10 pounds in 3 weeks. That is surely going to get the attention from a wealth of people to know that a common man, objective in viewpoint, can lost 10 pounds. Great job – and even greater for representing this lifestyle as you have to this point.

  3. those kebabs look great! good luck with your to-do list!

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