Update: Rest of workers eat burgers, me eat this

Every Friday afternoon there’s a free treat in my office. Today it’s going to be McDonald’s hamburgers.

I’ll be eating a salad with avacado and tuna.

I’d rather have a burger.

Update update: Now that I’m actually eating the salad, it’s pretty tasty and I’m happy about this. Never mind. Get back to your lives.

11 Responses to “Update: Rest of workers eat burgers, me eat this”

  1. You can eat a hamburger at McDonalds. You do have to special order it. You want only single ingredient foods. That is a burger, lettuce, tomato, and onions. You can try to figure out what the best deal is. It may be to order several small ones. The ones without cheese in the price may not be listed on the board. Being celiac this is what we have to do, though it has been years since I’ve eaten in one. Though this advice may not help when someone else is ordering in for you.

  2. I am right there with you in that I like my burgers! I have been getting through my 30 day challenge by making my own at home (sans bun) and adding lots of veggies like broccoli and onion. Still yummy and Primal! 🙂

    Your salad looks yummy too though! Well done 🙂

  3. of all burgers to eat, why McD’s? have you tried 5 guys?? that is my cheat food…

    • I don’t think we have 5 Guys in Canada. At any rate the snack budget is quite small and whoever is in charge of the Friday office treat has to feed potentially more than 100 people with less than $200. We have a chain in Toronto called Lick’s that’s pretty good, and there’s a location very near the office, but at $5-6 as pop, decent burgers wouldn’t work!

  4. Nice to see the paleo/caveman-diet getting some attention.

    I’ve been eating paleo for 2 years now. The hardest part is the food preperation time. I recommend making a big batch of burgers for the freezer. The paleo twist is to mix in organ meats like ground up liver and heart – up to 30%. Most butchers will do this for you, though you might have to pick it up the next day as they have to clean their equipment b/w different meats. Maybe add an egg and some chopped onion for good measure. Fairly cheap, a quick backup meal, and an easy way to increase one’s intake of organ meats.

    Also, if you’ve made beef jerky, you should try salmon as well. Quite good.

  5. Whatsonthemenu Says:

    Replace the canned tuna with wild-caught shrimp, and you have my favorite lunch. If I have a lime in the fridge, I’ll squeeze some on the salad, but shrimp and avocado go together so well, they don’t need much help in flavor department.

  6. All wild-caught shrimp that I see in the stores is uncooked. A lot more work than opening a can of tuna.

    The change I’d make to the above is adding a tomato on the top for color and a little additional flavor. I’ll assume that Adam didn’t have one handy. Then I like my organic walnuts.

  7. Whatsonthemenu Says:

    Taking out a few shrimp from a bag in the freezer, sprinkling a little seasoning on them, and steaming them or boiling them for several minutes is so much work. Whew!

  8. In your first post you said wild-caught. Where I am the frozen shrimp in a bag are farmed.

  9. You don’t want that McDonald’s burger. Trust me.

    There’s a company that takes meat by-products and bone scrapings, sprays them with ammonia, grinds them up, and sells it in 25 and 50-pound cases as an E. Coli-killing meat filler. One of their biggest customers? McDonald’s. Run. Far and Fast.

  10. Oh, BTW: BEST Tuna Salad Recipe Ever!

    1 can drained Tuna
    olive oil
    salt, pepper
    fresh herbs (thyme and basil are good choices, oregano is tasty, too.)
    squeeze of fresh lemon

    Mix all to taste. Scoop up in lettuce leaves. HEAVEN!!

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