Me skinny; want to eat this free stock image of lasagna

On Thursday I said no to lasagna for probably the first time in my life.

I spent the bulk of the day, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the lockup for the Ontario provincial budget. A lockup is this thing where they put journalists in some kind of conference centre and take away their communications devices. Everyone gets to read the budget at the same time, everyone has to get their questions answered by the government’s own bureaucrats, and no one is allowed to leave until the budget is announced to the world.

In other words I was trapped. You can get a sense of what lockups are like here and here.

Anyway, the upshot for me on the caveman nutrition plan was being held hostage to the Ontario government’s catering plans. Luckily I brought in my own food: A simple salad with no dressing, fruit salad and homemade beef jerky.

This meant saying no to the lasagna and sandwiches provided. If you’ve ever encountered working newspaper journalists, you know we have a hard time saying no to free grub. Adding to the disappointment, lasagna is one of my desert island dishes. When I wanted to have one last shitty meal for 2009, I bought a frozen tray of the stuff and sliced up some spicy put on top. I know, gross.

To the credit of Ontario Ministry of Finance staff, there was fruit and a big garden salad, too.

This is far from the first time the caveman lifestyle has forced upon me the pain of saying no to tasty-looking free food. As a journalist, I get offered a fair bit of it. In fact, I can hear my editors talking about what to order in for the newsroom this afternoon: pizza or samosas. Either way I’m screwed.

There’s no doubt that the paleo diet will make me thinner one way or another.

And am I losing weight? In a word, yes.

Readers suggested that I get some basic physical characteristics measured at the outset of Caveman Month so that I could compare down the road. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that. During the bustle of Day One, I didn’t even get to weigh myself

However, I can report at least that I weigh five or six pounds less than I did just about two and a half weeks ago, which astounded me as I stepped on the scale at the gym on Wednesday evening.

I’ve lost around 20 pounds since my alarming peak of 190-ish last December. The needle stopped at around 171 the other night. Even before the paleo diet I was eating less carbohydrates, and other than a busy period during the past couple of weeks, I’ve hit the treadmills and ellipticals pretty religiously in recent months.

As I write Friday, my clothes feel rather loose compared to how they used to. I’m actually starting to worry that a few items in my wardrobe will become too big to wear soon.

One Response to “Me skinny; want to eat this free stock image of lasagna”

  1. Way to go on passing up the lasagna. That would have been tough for me too! I’m down about 10 lbs since starting my Primal journey 2 weeks ago. Definitely losing a lot of inches like you too. I love it.

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