Cave week one: Rock on

A few quick updates on my first week as a caveman:

• Several paleo people have asked me if I feel sick or sluggish as my body adjusts to the new regime, and I have to report that I don’t. Other than an unexplained, brief wave of nausea on two occasions (one this morning, right after I had a cup of tea on an empty stomach), I’ve felt just fine — not noticeably better or worse than usual.

And before you ask, I haven’t been gripped by any strong cravings for any foods in particular. I don’t even miss my beloved diet cola too much (yet).

•  Total money spent on food so far: $97.56 out of my total $350 for the month. That’s almost $20 over budget but I still have plenty of food at home. I think I’m doing pretty well. As I told Torontoist, if the budget isn’t working out I’ll starve myself to make ends meet, which is paleo anyway.

•  A confession: I was at a mixology workshop last night, which I’m going to write about in my capacity as booze writer for the National Post, and I drank some alcohol — about two strong cocktails altogether, less than I would have if I wasn’t on the paleo program. But still. I couldn’t see a way around it that wouldn’t be awkward. I also have a get-together with the Hendrick’s gin people on Thursday night and I’ll drink a little at that too. Other than that I should stay booze-free.

• So it turns out that a CrossFit gym that’s mere steps from my condo functions as a cave for hunter gatherings. There’s even a paleo pot luck this Friday night I plan to attend. And another Toronto paleo person has got in touch through the comments about another gym that seems to serve as a community nucleus. Have I been surrounded by cave-people this whole time?

[Video: The invention of orange juice]

4 Responses to “Cave week one: Rock on”

  1. Way to go Adam!! Giving up diet cola has been tough for me as well but I’m getting through it. Well done on keeping your drinks to 2. Mark Sisson recommends the 80/20 rule in his book so I think the drinks can count towards that 20% without worry.

    Love following you!

    Kimmy from PEI

  2. Good for you, i’ve gone to that xfit gym quite a bit, great workout.

  3. Michael Roussetos Says:

    “if the budget isn’t working out I’ll starve myself to make ends meet, which is paleo anyway.”

    That’s interesting. I’ve been on the caveman diet for 2 months now, and noticed a increase in my budget for grocery’s. The organic meats hit hard don’t they.

    But the comment about starving yourself. Might take the into consideration.

    Great job. Keep it up!

  4. Hey Adam,

    Saw the link to my blog and wanted to comment on you transition into the Paleo world. It has changed my life for the better and I encourage you to stick with it. I have lost roughly 70lbs in over a year and my energy levels and strength are at an all time high. Crossfit is a great community to talk to other cave dwellers and build on their knowledge and experience eating this way. As they would have maybe said back then…UNGA BUNGA!

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