Days Three through Five: Appetite destruction

They say hunter-gatherers can get by on four to six hours’ work a day, and that sounds mighty sweet to this caveman.

It’s been a busy few days — I had a hectic one-day weekend and returned to the office to work the Sunday shift. Meanwhile, staying on the paleo plan has been painless.

Friday night my fiancée decided she wanted to eat at a particular Italian restaurant that had gluten-free pizza and pasta, which she needs. I should mention it was Il Fornello, a chain with several locations in Toronto but not elsewhere. I want to give kudos to them for offering gluten-free food.

I thought restaurant eating would pose a challenge, especially Italian, but I had no problem choosing dinner. I went with an arugula and wild mushroom salad with an added wood-oven-baked chicken breast. It hit the spot. I could eat this meal a hundred times.

The picture at the top of the post was my breakfast the next day. This small meal of a hunk of smoked wild Pacific salmon and half an orange kept me going pretty happily until around 4 p.m. as I traipsed around town, on foot and transit, to take care of errands. It may seem as though I am starving myself, but the fish and fruit kept me happy, and I’m a pretty snacky guy.

That’s been the routine, really: meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, all relatively unadorned. Now that I’ve mastered the basics I need to get going on imposing other, more challenging cave-behaviour on myself.

For starters, my shampoo ran out. Should I buy more or just go natural?

3 Responses to “Days Three through Five: Appetite destruction”

  1. There are a couple of primal fellows that don’t use soap or shampoo at all. Personally I still use soap, but no shampoo. And I never really used shampoo. When I soap myself I simply also soap my head. Soap is probably milder than the detergents that are in shampoo. The downside to soap is it won’t leave your hair as shiny. Soap residues don’t get rinsed off. Now I have to say I have never had anyone tell me that my hair is dull looking. I can’t find a picture of you right now. But if you have a crew cut, then certainly shampoo is unnecessary.

  2. Your restaurant dinner looks yummy! I could definitely eat that myself. 🙂 I’m with you on eating protein and fruit for breakfast. I find I can eat something similar and not feel hungry for the rest of the day. I had a slip up over the weekend traveling to Halifax. The hotel room I had didn’t have a microwave so a couple of my meals weren’t perfect. Very glad to be back home where I can grocery shop at known stores and have my kitchen.

    I really enjoy following your progress!

  3. Adam – glad to see your posts are back. I was gettting worried you had given up, but I should have had more faith in you.
    You passed a big challenge – eating Paleo while out to eat. That is the true test of a tribesman and you came out smelling like a champ (uh, that’s before you decided to au natural).

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