Me live busy city reporter life, starve a little

The story of dinner on Day One of my caveman month:

At some point in the not-too-distant past, a theatre company event planner’s pen hovered over a catering order form, wavering between chicken skewers and quiche (as I imagine the scene, anyway). She chose quiche, thus kind of spoiling my evening.

Yesterday after work saw me caught between social engagements with nothing to eat, due to my aforementioned crap planning.

First, I was signed up to catch a play right after work and then attend the short reception with my fiancée. I hadn’t meant to rely on hors d’oeuvres to feed me. However, ordinarily, in non-paleo times, I would have been able to. When the trays came out full of pizza squares, two-bite quiches and little paper cones of fish and chips, my heart sank. No food for caveman.

Later I put in a short appearance at a bar for a social gathering of journalists, who of course called bullshit on my caveman cred when I enjoyed a decidedly un-paleolithic bottle of beer. My colleagues are the best. Anyway, no more booze for me. More about that to come in a future post.

In between the play and the bar, I popped into a convenience store to forage. The only thing I could find to eat was the second banana of the day, for 79 cents. It was wrapped in plastic “for freshness.” The 21st century is weird.

It was only when I finally arrived home soon before 1 a.m. that I was able to rummage around the kitchen and assemble the shabby, ad hoc dinner you see above, complete with a can of skipjack tuna in oil with chopped-up tomato and cucumber, spiced up with some pepper and paprika.

I also had a small bowl of mixed nuts (filtering out the peanuts, which are forbidden legumes), sunflower seeds and some raisins.

Was I satisfied after that? Yes, actually.


6 Responses to “Me live busy city reporter life, starve a little”

  1. Dude! You’ve got to plan better! I feel for ya when there’s nothing for us to eat, so plan ahead and you’ll be much better.

    Intermittent Fasting is an alternative you could have or were forced into engaging. As your body adjusts to getting its energy from fats and no longer carbs, your body will be able to sustain itself on its own bodyfat. Then, like a caveman, who didn’t always have access to food, you can use that as another survival weapon as long as you don’t exceed 24 hours. That point is debatable but past that point you could end up losing muscle mass since the body would pull muscle and convert it into energy (gluconeogenesis).

    And what’s up with you and convenience stores and bananas? 🙂

  2. hey Jeff,

    Yes, planning better starts now.

    And as for bananas, don’t they always seem like the only fresh food worth eating at the Quik-E-Mart?

  3. Ya know, you’ve got a point there. Bananas do seem to be popping up along with apples. At least its something, right? Jerky is another c-store friendly food you could enjoy. Pure protein in that and awfully tasty. If you’re gonna shop at a convenience store, at least you have a few more choices now.

    Word of caution – as you probably know, your body MAY start to feel a little sluggish in the next week or so. That’s pretty common. It’s simply the body adjusting to using fats instead of carbs as your energy source. As the Bible says, this too shall pass.

  4. gharkness Says:

    Very entertaining; I’m a newbie to this lifestyle. I love to see the fun you are having with this (and the success, as well).

    Small bit of advice if you didn’t already know it….cashews are technically not paleo, so when you’re picking out the peanuts from the mixed nuts, pick out the best part too 😦 and set them aside. (Cashews have a toxin that has to be cooked out, so even “raw” cashews are steamed).

    • I can’t eat cashews? Oh no! I wish I hadn’t known that.

      • gharkness Says:

        🙂 Knowledge can be painful, right?

        Cashews contain urushiol….the same chemical that puts the “poison” in poison ivy. They must be cooked to be safe. So if you subscribe to the paleo theory that foods need to be edible raw, (whether or not you actually eat them raw) I guess you’ll be picking through those mixed nuts a little more 🙂

        Anyway, this is a very entertaining and enlightening site. Thanks for your work here!

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