Meal one: Caveman eat banana

Thanks to the previous night’s sloth, my fridge on Day One does not greet me full of paleo goodness as planned. In fact, of everything in my house, I have a mere handful of acceptable foods to eat:

• honey
• eggs
• mixed nuts
• sunflower seeds

I’m fighting off some kind of stomach bug, so eggs would make me even more nauseous. I’ll have to forage.

Arriving at a convenience store on the way to the office, I’m tempted by mortadella and Philly cheese steak sandwiches, pop, cheese, and sushi (which would be a waste since I’d be throwing the rice away).

But this is my first paleo-meal and the restrictions remain perversely exciting. I’m quite happy to leave with two clementines, a banana and a bottle of Dasani.

The only problem is convenience store prices.

I’ve decided to stick to a total food budget of $350 for the whole cave-month, since that’s about what I spend anyway. I want to see if the diet is financially feasible.

Total cost of three pieces of fruit, a bottle of water and, later, a bag of chamomile tea from the office canteen: $4.25. For one meal, that’s unsustainable. Not thinking ahead will prove costly for me, as it would for a real caveman.


2 Responses to “Meal one: Caveman eat banana”

  1. Be careful about how much fruit you eat. Fruit is good for you, but only in moderation – bananas still have quite a bit of sugar in them. Best of luck in your experiment! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you have any questions or need meal ideas. @thrivenaturally

  2. If you can’t do it on $350/month for just you, I’m going to be really upset.

    My husband and I have a grocery budget of $300/month (it was 400/month but we bought 1/4 grassfed beef, so we count 100 of that toward our bulk purchase each month).

    Then another $100/month goes to our CSA share, which gets us a basket of local produce delivered to our door each week – we could get much much more produce in the grocery store, but we like supporting local farmers and sustainable practice.

    So that leaves us $50/week to spend in the grocery store, which includes things like toilet paper and shampoo and other household items.
    And we do it.

    But we don’t spend $5 on a convenience-store snack. Do you know how many bananas you could buy in the grocery store for $5?

    Planning ahead is definitely a must.

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